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CAS No.: 10482-56-1
Molecular formula: C10H18O
Molecular weight: 154.25

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Related Categories: Synthetic fragrances; daily necessities; spices and flavors; flavors and fragrances; standards; general reagents; reference products; traditional Chinese medicine reference; alcohol; plant extracts; food additives; organic solvents; pharmaceutical raw materials;



Melting point

31-35 °C(lit.)

Boiling point

217-218 °C(lit.)


0.93 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Refractive index

n20/D 1.482(lit.)



Flash point

193 °F

Storage conditions


CAS database

10482-56-1(CAS DataBase Reference)

Chemical properties

Often three isomers coexist, colorless thick liquid. Relative density 0.930-0.936, refractive index 1.482-1.485, flash point 90 ° C, soluble in 3 volumes of 60% ethanol or 2 volumes of 70% ethanol and oily flavors, with a fragrant smell like paulownia and lilac, lily of the valley Fresh and fragrant, it is the representative aroma of indigo. The momentum is weak and not long enough.


1. Widely used in flavor formulations for various purposes, and used as an additive to add fresh breath. As a body fragrance, it is often used in fragrances such as lily, lilac, and lily of the valley. It is also an important spice in Magnolia, Gardenia, Narcissus, Apple Blossom, Fragrant Rose and Pine Needle Flavor. It is a major component in many soaps, daily chemicals and disinfectant flavors. Pure product (mainly methylate) can be used as a food flavor.

2. The main ingredient of the lilac-type essence is formulated to be strong in alkali resistance and suitable for soap essence. The acetate has aroma of citron and lavender and is used for the preparation of flavor. It is also used in medicine, pesticides, plastics, soaps, inks, meters and telecommunications industries. It is an excellent solvent for color on glassware.

3. Alpha-Terpineol has a purple scent, and its formate and acetate can be used in flavor preparation for advanced solvents and deodorants. It is also used in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, plastic, soap, ink industry, and is the solvent for color on glassware.

4. For the preparation of flavors, advanced solvents and deodorants

5. It is used to blend soap, soap and cosmetic fragrances, and can be used for blending flavors such as lilac

6. Used in the pharmaceutical industry, also used as fragrances, solvents and inks, etc.

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