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Use Of Phenolphthalein
Dec 26, 2018

(1) Pharmaceutical raw materials for pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical laxatives can stimulate intestinal wall, cause intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation. [6] It is suitable for habitual obstinate constipation, including tablets, suppositories and other dosage forms.

(2) Used in organic synthesis: mainly used in the synthesis of plastics, especially diazanaphthalene ketone poly (aryl ether ketone) poly (aryl ether ketone) poly (aryl ether ketone) polymers. Because of their excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat aging resistance and good processing formability, many of the fibers, coatings and composites made from them are widely used in electronic appliances and Mechanical equipment. Transportation, astronautics, atomic energy engineering, military and other fields;

(3) Used as alkali indicator, indicator for non-aqueous titration and reagent for chromatographic analysis.

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