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Lactulose News
Jan 29, 2019

Background and overview

Since 1957, Petler discovered that lactulose is a bifidobacterial proliferation factor. In 1964, Hoffman discovered that only bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, and LD streptococci can produce lactulose and lactic acid, which is the first demonstration of lactulose bacteria. Metabolic process. In 1966, Berdul discovered that the use of lactulose can promote the growth of alkalophilic Gram-positive bacteria (E. coli, etc.) lacking urease, and reduce the production of ammonia. It has been repeatedly clinically proven that lactulose has the effect of lowering blood ammonia. Used to treat hepatic encephalopathy successfully. In 1979, Molieru used lactulose to treat viral hepatitis. He found that he had a plasma endotoxin. From 1980 to 1981, Reid discovered that lactulose inhibited the endotoxin-induced sputum agglutination reaction in vitro and alleviated liver damage caused by D-galactosamine in mice. It is believed that lactulose has anti-endotoxin activity and is used for Treatment of liver and kidney syndrome.

China's clinical application is Professor Tian Gengshan from Beijing Medical University in 1982. He has a leading position in the clinical application of lactulose, emphasizing that lactulose varies from person to person, keeping patients soft and 2-3 times a day, for recurrent hepatic The prevention and treatment of encephalopathy should be used for a long time. For chronic hepatitis, the absorption of ammonia and endotoxin can be reduced, the protein intake of patients with severe hepatitis and cirrhosis can be increased, and the patient can be restored to health as soon as possible.

In 1984, Professor Li Ping from Shanghai Zhongshan Medical College published an article in the Journal of Internal Medicine of China, which reported 22 cases of endotoxemia with severe hepatitis, upper gastrointestinal bleeding with varying degrees of vascular coagulation, liver and kidney synthesis. Disease, endotoxemia, seriously threaten the life safety of patients with severe liver disease, and pointed out that different degrees of endotoxemia occur in acute, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. Since 1985, Professor Qi Xueen from Changchun Bethune University and Beijing China Rehabilitation Center has done a lot of research and experiment work with lactulose produced by our factory, especially focusing on the research and clinical application of lactulose in the treatment of endotoxemia. Professor Jin Xueyuan is urgent. Endotoxemia associated with chronic liver disease, oral lactulose, its plasma endotoxin can be reduced within 24 hours, giving a large amount of lactulose, can clear the normal portal endotoxin, effective 15 minutes after filling, Can be maintained for more than 4 hours. Jin Xueyuan observed in the experiment that oral administration of lactulose to large and small mice can prevent liver fibrosis caused by carbon tetrachloride, thereby preventing the conversion of chronic hepatitis to cirrhosis. From the above reports and experiments, combined with the clinical tests of these years, it has been proved that for patients with acute, chronic liver disease and severe liver disease, lactulose is started at the admission, which can prevent the occurrence of syndrome and greatly shorten the course of liver disease.

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